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Templating with ACL

A common scenario in education is when the instructor prepares a virtual machine for later usage in the class. CIRCLE has a simple templating system that allows the lecturer to customize the virtual machines and share it with users or groups. Creating templates is possible from every virtual machine instance. After the necessary modifications (eg. installing a software module) on the virtual machine the instructor simply has to click to save it as a template.

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Flexible networking

CIRCLE comes with a complex network administration system. The network module manages and monitors both the physical and the virtual machines as well. The system provides VLAN tagged networks to separate network traffics from each other. Advanced users can define virtual networks in seconds on the dashboard. The CIRCLE network provides DHCP and DNS services if needed. It also includes a simple network-filter based firewall and IPv6 support.

Easy deploy with SaltStack

Installing complex systems, like cloud management framework CIRCLE with many modules is always troublesome. One of our main goals was to make the installation as easy as possible. Updating nodes is easy as well. Based on our SaltStack installer the node can be updated from the Dashboard with one click.

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User friendly GUI

Using and configuring virtual machines is not the privilege of IT technicians any more. Our solution provides an easy-to-use interface for anybody to create and share virtual appliances.

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To prevent the system from using up all resources every instance has a predefined lease time. The lease defines two values: suspension and destruction time.

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CIRCLE provides a requesting system that allows users to ask for more resource or longer lease times. The system administrators can accept or decline these.

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Manage your virtual machine from your browser. CIRCLE has an integrated HTML5 VNC client for instant access to your virtual machines.

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Hot-plug your virtual images and networks with one click. You can also resize these images of running machines.

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CIRCLE supports high variety of authentication methods. Make your user management easy with SSO authentication based on SAML2 protocol.

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Monitor your nodes and virtual machines with one tool. CIRCLE provides detailed monitoring information about CPU, memory and network usage.


The whole history of a virtual machine is tracked by activities. It stores the operation type, date and user. It also tracks the state modification created by the monitoring system.

Multilanguage support

The CIRCLE website is fully translatable, it supports language and region settings.

Our users

Contact us: cloudcirclecloud.org

Twitter: twitter.com/circlecloudorg

IRC: circle-cloud@freenode

Source: https://git.ik.bme.hu/circle

Core Developers

  • Sándor Guba

  • Máté Őry

  • Dániel Bach

  • Ádám Dudás

  • Viktor Kálmán


  • Arnold Czémán

  • Tamás Csók

  • Dániel Estók

  • Szabolcs Gelencsér

  • Armand Desztics

  • Tamás Nyíri

  • Imre Szeberényi

  • Péter Dóbé

  • Richárd Kápolnai

  • Éva Geist

  • Gergely István Oláh

  • Gergő Nagy